What a great weekend of darts, winning 25/14 with the bonus points against Sussex at home Starting with the ladies on saturday winning 4/2 some great games lady of the match Maria Pickering 15.53 the support for the ladies was second to none it was fantastic thankyou. On to the Men what can i say another 8/4 victory some fantastic games great wins from Martin Plant to start us off we were then on a roll Stu Sim D Moors K Johnson Karl Hinks Martin Homer Ben Hilditch Ben Davis MOM Stu Sim 27.48, Sunday Ladies making a draw LOM Sue Sherratt 19.34 Men winning 7/5 Great start from Jamie Dunsdon setting the bar with a 29.97 average other wins Tricky JB another 29 average Danny Key another 29 average Andy B Dizzy last on 36th of the weekend Karl Merchant finishing off with a win, Jamie holding on to the highest average taking the highest of the weekend earning him his spending money for London.