Well what can i say about the weekend nail biteing all the way to the end i know there are 36 players in the team but this weekend goes to the Saffordshire Men what a pleasure to watch you all this weekend (well maybe some games with one eye closed) Ladies on saturday loosing 4-2 wins  from Collette & Anne Men on saturday winning 7-5 we could have had 1 or 2 more, 7 wins it would take to long to go into them all well done Steve Smith staffs debut wining with a 22.70 average MOM Ben Hilditch with a 25.54 average, but we would take 9-9 overall to start us off on level terms for sunday, Ladies on sunday not the start we wanted 5-1 down we missed doubles that would have changed the score line massively,On to the men it started for them as the ladies had left off 3rd man on JB got us the second point of the day we went on the to win the next 5 games it took us untill game number 11 for the Men for us to be infront for the first time of the weekend 18-17 last game of the day went the distance all 7 legs played unlucky to stu the player he played took a 140 shot out. well done to James Hughes MOM with a 32.09 average taking the top average for the weekend  Michelle xx