AGM is to be held on Thursday 22nd July & the venue is to be confirmed . Any new teams wishing to join the league for the new season are welcome to come along. A league joining fee of £30 will be needed. Also it was decided by delegate vote that the Men’s 2019/2020 season will be cut at a date in January 2020 when all the teams had played an equal amount of games, and prize monies to be paid out on the league results at that point. Any teams that had paid league fees for the complete season will get a refund for cancelled meetings. Any players that had paid entry fees for doubles merits will get refunded . Woman’s team cup final prize monies will be split equally between the two finalists . Any suggested rule changes or people wanting to put names forward for committee positions need to put it in writing and hand in before the AGM. Usually you would need to second these letters but due to covid restrictions I cannot say if this can happen.?

Staffordshire Darts Constitution Record of changes/additions required in the Constitution at the AGM 2021 06/10/2019 TC – additional or update to the rules in Constitution Rule 3. 3F - should be reiterated to all teams – Home team should supply marker, NO electronic score boards to be used Rule 5 - should say Distance from Bull to Floor is 5’ 8” and 7’ 9¼” from Bull to Oche Finance Only 2 Executives are authorised use of the Staffordshire Darts Banking Card – Monies spent on the card should be only for matters connected to Staffordshire Darts – Under no circumstances is the Banking Card to be used for personal use